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The Hunted & The Mother

2019, Spring.

Characters from two different personal projects: Ascension & Parallel Wonderland.

Blaisades - The Black King of Spades
- From a Personal Project: Parallel Wonderland
- Next time... two-headed snakes coming out of the ground. Or one big one.

Jaquinthos - Primordial Goddess of Time and Mother of Stars
- From a Personal Project: Ascension
- Nebulae are born from her hair

Raiden otto blaisadesportfolio

The Hunted, Finished.

Raiden otto a2 blaisades2

The Hunted, 2nd Pass.

Raiden otto a2 blaisades

The Hunted - 1st pass

Raiden otto a1 thumbnails 2 2

The Hunted - Thumbnails

Raiden otto jaquinthosportfolio

The Mother, Finished.

Raiden otto a1 jaquinthos02 10 2019

The Mother - 2nd Pass

Raiden otto a1 jaquinthos

The Mother - 1st pass

Raiden otto a1 thumbnails 1

The Mother - Thumbnails